Katie - Willow Tree Spiritual Centre

37 Whalley Rd, Accrington BB5 1AS


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Enabling owners to put all their energy in to running their business

The Willow Tree Spiritual Centre in Accrington is run by Katie, who has established it as a one-stop shop for everything spiritual. Her customers can expect a wide array of offerings, including holistic therapy, a host of weird and wonderful items to purchase, psychic classes or a specialist workshop covering dreams.
Katie’s vision for her business is crystal clear but with changing shopping habits, high business rents and economic uncertainty, it’s easy for the visions of the UK’s small business owners to become clouded. It’s enough to keep you awake at night.
Thankfully, Katie, owner of the Willow Tree Spiritual Centre in Accrington, is happy to reveal that since switching to Utilita, she hasn’t lost any sleep over her energy supply. Instead, she can put all her energy into running her business.
Katie said “When I first moved into this building, we had a different energy supplier and the rates were over the odds.
“I couldn’t have the heating on to provide heat for my customers, which wasn’t good. And that’s when I looked into changing suppliers.”
“I chose Utilita because of the great prices and because they are fantastic to deal with, so I don’t have to worry about my electricity supply” Katie explained.
Not having to worry about her energy usage means Katie can continue to provide the personal touches that work for her customers. She told us “Without my energy supply I wouldn’t be able to give teas or coffees to my customers, which is crucial.”
“They’ve helped me with everything; I just have to focus on my business. I’m so glad I picked Utilita.”

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Katie - Willow Tree Spiritual Centre, Accrington