Toni - Brioche

19-21 Wellgate, Clitheroe BB7 2DP


customer focus

Offering fully fixed-term pricing with no hidden charges offers our customers peace of mind.

Brioche is a modern café situated in the heart of the Ribble Valley, and its where manager Toni and her team serve up breakfast, brunch and lunch to the locals of Clitheroe and beyond.
They offer a good selection of veggie and vegan options to cater for the changing demands of local consumers, as well as more traditional favourites like homemade cakes and a great cup of coffee. It keeps their customers coming back and the cafes’ appliances in demand, so Toni realises only too well the importance of a fair and transparent energy deal.
With economic and political uncertainty seemingly the only certainties for small independent businesses up and down the UK, Toni has found Utilita’s pricing and fixed-term contract options to be the perfect antidote.
Fully fixed contracts with no hidden charges mean that the peace of mind Toni gets can last without fear of a sudden price hike in the cafe’s energy bills. And with our smart meters installed its easier than ever to keep a close eye on their energy usage.
Toni said: “We are a small independent business, so we are very conscious of the energy we use.
When there’s no one upstairs in the café we turn off the lights; every penny is important to us.”
While our annual Powering the UK High Street survey revealed that about half of small businesses said they get an unfair deal from their energy supplier, Toni couldn’t be happier with the offering and service she has received from Utilita.

Don't just take our word for it

“Utilita is a fantastic supplier. We don’t have to worry about cost, meaning we can just concentrate on the business.”

Toni - Brioche, Clitheroe