Your current supplier may require a Termination Notice from you to cancel your current contract. Please refer to your current supply Terms & Conditions for more information.

No. We provide you with smart meters at no extra cost to the charges for your energy, and we provide your Smart Energy Monitor (SEM) for free.

If you are on a Fixed Price Energy Plan the price you pay would only change if information you provided us was incorrect or any terms of your contract are broken.

If your premise is covered by an active Fixed Price Energy Plan, each contract will run from the date that you signed an application form, submitted your application over the internet, or made an Application on the telephone and will cease on your contract end date. Please note that a Termination Notice should be provided up to 30 days before the end of your Fixed Price Energy Plan period. If you wish to terminate your contract before the expiry date, we may ask you to pay a termination fee.

If you switch supplier or end your contract during a fixed term contract period then you will have to pay a termination fee (see condition 11.4). The termination fee will be 10% of your monthly price multiplied by the number of months remaining in your fixed term contract. Your monthly price will be based on a twelfth of your estimated annual consumption multiplied by your energy rate plus any standing charge.

For example: If the cost per annum is £3,600 and there are 3 months remaining in the fixed period, the termination fee will be £90

Or the termination fee will be £240 if: Number of months remaining in fixed period = 8

Or the termination fee will be £390 if: Number of months remaining in fixed period = 13

We will supply you with a monthly bill or statement via email (showing you a breakdown of our charges). You may request bills and copy statements via email or post; however, there will be a small charge for these additional documents.

Your current supplier can object to you switching, but only under specific circumstances, which will be set out in your contract. Some typical reasons include: i) if you are in debt with your supplier, ii) if you are still bound by your contract, because you are on a Fixed Energy Plan where the term has not ended.

But your supplier cannot object if: i) you are not signed up to any contract because you are on a deemed contract, ii) your contract has expired and you are not bound by its terms.

If your current supplier does object to your switch, they must tell you this as soon as possible. They must also tell you: i) the reason why they have objected, ii) how you can resolve this.

It is a document that will enable a Third Party Intermediate (TPI) / Agent to work on your behalf; for the purposes of entering into a contract or dealing with billing and/or cancellation. An LOA can give consent for TPI’s to access your information and make changes to your account in accordance with your wishes.

Moving Premises

If you are moving out of your premises, we ask that you notify us and provide us with a final meter reading. It is important for you to do this so we can determine if any money is due to be credited back to you or if any outstanding amount is owed to us and we can settle your account. You should leave the Smart Energy Monitor, User Guide and top-up cards behind for the next occupier.

If you have moved into a new property where the energy is already supplied by Utilita, we ask that you provide us with a current meter reading so we can settle the old account and ensure you do not take on any debt left by a previous occupier.

There are several quick and easy ways to submit a meter reading:

  • Via our website www.utilita.co.uk
  • Via our Automated meter reading line on 03452 093 750
  • Via text message: text 'Utilita' followed by your account number then 'Elec' - meter reading and/or 'Gas' - meter reading to 84433 (SMS charged at your standard network rate)
  • Via email: meterreadings@utilita.co.uk


We aim to install your Smart meter within 4 weeks of your supply start date. We will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for your installation.

Our Smart metering equipment is installed by a fully qualified Utilita engineer or regulated sub-contractor. Installs typically take between 40-60 minutes. Occasionally the installation may require two visits to complete. We will visit your premise and conduct a site survey and if possible we will install your meters on the day. If the survey shows that we may need additional equipment, we will arrange a second appointment. We do require someone over the age of 18 to remain on site whilst the install takes place (even if your meters are outside). Important: Please ensure the area around your meters is clear of obstruction to ensure your install is as quick and as easy as possible.

Even though we try to book installs as soon as possible, unfortunately this is not always possible due to engineers’ availability in your area. You can book online, or by contacting one of our Business Customer Service Advisors. Alternatively, we will contact you when there is availability in your area to arrange your installation.

If an engineer attends the property between the times specified and is unable to access the property or the meters, you may be liable for a call out charge of £90.00.

Yes, your supply will be turned off for a short while during your smart meter installation so the install can be carried out safely. Please note that sensitive equipment should be unplugged before the installation. If you have any queries about this, our qualified engineer or regulated sub-contractor installing your meter will be able to assist you with more information on the day

Our engineers can only install your new meters in the same location as your existing meters, however the Smart Energy Monitor, which allows you to monitor your credit balance and energy usage, can be plugged in anywhere in your premises where there is a good signal. Our remote top-up service means you do not need to access your meters directly to top-up.

Topping-up (Pay As You Go)

You can generate a free digital top-up e-card online, simply pick the type of card you need and we’ll email it to you. Then print it off or present your smartphone to be scanned at any PayPoint outlet. Alternatively, if you’d like a replacement card, please note that it takes approximately 8 working days to be delivered and there will be £6 charge added to your meter.

There are several easy and quick ways to top-up:

  • Online with your top-up card and a payment card
  • With our Utilita Energy top-up app
  • At a PayPoint outlet with your top-up cards (payment will be sent automatically to your meter(s), but please note, it may take up to 30 minutes to arrive
  • By phone - call our automated top-up line on 03330 156 662, please make sure you have your top-up card number to hand (these are 19 digits long and can be found on the front or back of your top-up cards). You will also need your payment card details.
  • Send SMS (remember first to register your mobile number and payment details online)

Yes. If there is an error and the credit does not get issued to your meter, you will need your receipt to enter the vend code into your meter to activate the top-up.

Once we have confirmation from your current supplier and have received all of the information we need to successfully take over your supply, we then request for a temporary electricity key and gas card to be created and sent to you for your use. We do try to ensure that it arrives on the date that your supply switches over to Utilita. If it has not arrived and you need to top-up your supply, use your existing card/key. If you have not received the key/card after being with Utilita for 10 working days, please contact our Business Customer Service Team on 03330 156 662. This applies to existing Pay As You Go customers only.

When your smart meters are installed, our engineer will give you your top-up card(s) and explain how they work.

No, each card is unique to its own meter in order to make them secure, so top-ups cannot be made on one card and transferred to another.

You can find your nearest PayPoint outlets on the store locator at www.paypoint.com

If your meter runs out of credit at any time of day, you have access to ‘Emergency Credit’, giving you time to top-up. Important: please note you must always activate it to be able to use it and prevent your supply turning off when your meter reaches £0.00. Your Smart Energy Monitor will notify you, - be aware, this will need to be repaid when you next top up, so you are in positive credit by at least £1. In some cases you may be able to activate your Emergency Credit at your main meters, even if your supply has already turned off. If the Emergency Credit itself runs out after 6pm (Monday to Friday), the supply will not go off until 9am the next working day, giving you time to buy more credit in whichever way suits you. This additional facility is called ‘Friendly Credit’ and is accessible during evenings - Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays, to ensure continuous supply at these times. Although it is useful to have the convenience of ‘Emergency’ and ‘Friendly Credit’, Pay As You Go smart metering works best when you keep your meters topped-up. As with all Pay As You Go meters, if you run your credit down to zero and get disconnected, you will need to top-up so you are in positive credit of at least £1.00, in order to get your supply back on.

Smart Meters

Your smart meter and Smart Energy Monitor (SEM) can provide a wide range of helpful information such as your usage, tariff, balance, top-up information (if applicable), supply status and much more. For additional information on how to use your smart meter and SEM, our User Guides are available on our website and you will be issued with a copy when your metering equipment is installed.

Your Smart Energy Monitor can be anywhere, however, because it from Home Area Network (similar to Wi-Fi), you should position it close to both of your meters if possible. This means that you won’t have any problems seeing up to date account and balance information.

If you use all of the credit you have put on your meter, you will be able to access Emergency Credit. An alert will appear on your Smart Energy Monitor when your credit runs low and you will be asked if you would like to accept Emergency Credit. To accept the credit, press the ‘E-Credit’ button. You can also accept Emergency Credit at your meter; just press any button to light up the screen, then press the ‘B’ button, then press number ‘7’ and the screen will display the message: “EMERGENCY CREDIT OFFER, PRESS A TO ACCEPT”, press ‘A’ and you will then be able to use Emergency Credit once your balance reaches £0.00.

Energy Usage

Part of our promise to you is to do all we can to help you save energy and money. Find helpful energy efficiency tips for your business on our website at www.utilita.co.uk/business.

Loss of supply

Call 105 - the National Power Cut Helpline (24 hours, 7 days a week). They will be able to put you straight through to the Distribution Network Operator responsible for dealing with power cuts in your local area. It is free to call from most landlines and mobile phones.

General Questions

  • Call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999
  • Open doors and windows for ventilation
  • Do not use matches or naked flames
  • Do not turn on or off any electrical switches
  • Do not use mobile phones
  • If it is safe to do so, turn the gas off at the meter unless the meter is located in the cellar/basement. If an electrical security entry lock/ phone is fitted, then this must not be operated. The door must be opened manually

The SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification and is a system for classifying industries by a four digit code. It is used by government agencies to classify industry areas. For more information please visit www.gov.uk.

The Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a government tax on energy for business customers. The tax is levied on all business users of energy, including the public sector, at the point of final consumption. The tax aims to reduce energy use to help the UK meet its emissions targets, which will help combat climate change.

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