Smarter energy is now in your hands

The Smart Energy Monitor

All of your information in one place

The Smart Energy Monitor (SEM) communicates with your gas and electricity meters and displays all of your energy information in one convenient place. With its simple to use touchscreen, you can easily navigate your way around your account information giving you total visibility over your energy at any time.

Your Energy Balance

See more clearly

When you can see what you are using, you have a clearer picture of your energy costs. Our SEM lets you see:

  • Your gas and electricity usage in real-time – see what your energy is costing you right now!
  • Your historic usage - either daily, weekly or monthly and see it in £’s, CO2 or kWh.
  • Your up-to-date tariff information.
  • How many days your credit will last based on your recent rate of usage (PAYG only).


Emergency and Friendly Credit

If you choose to Pay As You Go – you’ll get Emergency and Friendly Credit. From your Smart Energy Monitor you can activate an Emergency Credit feature, giving you extra time to top-up in case you ever need it. And our Friendly Credit feature means you’ll never lose supply during evenings, weekends and bank holidays – we do all we can to keep you on supply.

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