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Why choose us for your business?

We’re fair

With our ‘One Price Fits All’ philosophy, whether you choose Pay As You Go, Direct Debit or Pay on Receipt, the price you pay stays the same.

We’re flexible

Choose the payment method that works for your business and switch it later if you want to. That’s Flexi Pay.

We put you in control

Our free smart meters1 allow you to see your energy usage and spend in real-time meaning no large unexpected bills.

Three ways to pay. One fair price

Direct Debit1

The traditional way to pay

If you’d prefer to pay by a monthly direct debit, a fixed monthly payment can be set up based on your estimated usage, helping you budget throughout the year.

Smart Pay As You Go

The perfect solution

Avoid unexpected bills and manage your cash flow with Smart PAYG. Top-ups you control - online, over the phone, via our app, by SMS or at any PayPoint outlet with cash or card. It’s quick and easy and credits your supply automatically. Whether you want to top-up a little or a lot – you decide.

Pay on Receipt2

We’ll provide a monthly invoice

Although most customers find PAYG and DD more convenient, you can choose to pay on receipt of an invoice.

1 As standard, we will install a smart meter where possible, this will support any payment option you choose.

2 In some instances, we may ask customers to adopt a hybrid payment method in the short-term to demonstrate ability to pay if they do not want to utilise Pay As You Go. In the unlikely event that a business misses a payment, we have the right to remotely switch the meter into Pay As You Go mode. In order for us to support businesses in avoiding the accumulation of energy debt, any outstanding money owed is added to the smart meter and collected at an agreed rate – one that works for both the business and us. Debt is typically recovered at a rate of 25% of each top-up, until cleared.

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